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As a Schoenstatt family destined to live our Covenant Of Love with our Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt, our main mission is to help lead God's family closer to Jesus through Mary. The Holy Rosary is a very powerful prayer that helps us to obtain graces from God through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The word rosary means "garland or wreath of roses". Each rosary we make is a spiritual bouquet offered to our Blessed Mother.

For several decades, our Family Ministry has stood for the highest quality and the finest craftsmanship in Cord Rosaries. We custom dye our rosaries to compliment its Prayer Card and we offer a lifetime guarantee against breakage! NO metals used making traveling throughout security borders safer. Our rosaries are hospital friendly and can be prayed on during a CT scan or MRI.

Our Cord Rosaries are all individually hand made and dyed using the finest fish netting possible. The cord is used by the fishing industry and can withstand 340 pounds of pressure. Therefore, we can "guarantee" that our rosaries will not break. Each dye we use has been carefully chosen to complement a different color for all of our thirty-six devotions we have created making each individual rosary a unique gift. Each of our rosaries includes its own prayer card except for the "Breaking Addiction Rosary" which includes an 8" x 11" double sided prayer listing the "Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Breaking Addictions". Our Three Piece Gift Set includes: Custom Dyed Cord Rosary, Prayer Card and a beautiful clear Gift Bag.

Our rosaries make beautiful gifts for:

First Communion
Fathers as well as Mothers Day Celebrations

Our rosaries are "hand and machine washable". If washing is needed, we recommend washing separately for the first time as the dye might run.

Our rosaries are knotted using one string of cord, except for the "Breaking Addictions Rosary' which uses two cords. The feel of this rosary is different from the others we make. It shows the coarseness and harshness of addiction. The power of prayer brings hope to the hopeless. The Holy Rosary is one such prayer.




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