I have worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. My early experience was in corporate environments in both the insurance and healthcare industries. During that time, I saw the rapid advancement in computer technology and eagerly learned the new technologies. I began my business during my career and, upon leaving the corporate world, I chose to pursue my own business fulltime.

Web Designs
Creativity is the key in creating a website which is not only functional, but essential to the business and pleasing to the eye . I create sites for both small businesses and individuals. There are many templates available on the web to choose from, but I find the best way to build a site is from scratch. Through conversations with clients, together we determine the specific wants and needs that the site must satisfy. I then begin to create a site which meets all those needs.

Graphics Designs
With the same mindset used for designing the overall site, I enjoy working with prospective clients in order to create graphics custom tailored to their needs. Using Adobe Photoshop CS4, the world leading graphics and image manipulation software, I create graphic elements for their websites which blend the client's personal tastes of color and appearance with a visual appearance tailored for the function of the site. I can make use of existing logos (from letterheads or building signage), then improve and optimize their appearance for an online presence. New logo designs can be created for those who do not yet have one for their business.

Digital Photography
I have had a lifelong love of photography, but truly moved headstrong into the craft with the advent of digital cameras. This technology brings a whole new flexibility to the art of picture taking - and is a perfect compliment to the web design business, too! To further enhance the appearance and personality of a website, I can photograph properties, business vehicles and employees, for example, which can be included on the new site.

I will work hard to make sure what I create is what the client wants and is pleased with the appearance. A business web site should be an extension of the existing businesses character and compliment the look and personality of the business.
The Web Designs, Digital Photography and Graphics Designs components are all arms under the umbrella of OdysseyOne Enterprises. As such, each can be used to enhance all ventures.


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